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    New Era Chronicles

    Post by Jet on Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:32 am

    The sound of sandals upon stone reverberate across a darkly lit corridor. Three distant figures pursue a first, steadily closing the distance between both parties. As they draw nearer the target drops a smoke bomb followed by a second moments later. Without hesitation the three pursuers charge through it, immediately coming upon an intersection. A quick hand signal from the leader of the group elicits a nod from the rest as they split into two directions. The latter follow the westernmost path while the former takes to the east alone. Hours later, the first rays of sunlight brings the revealation that only the lone pursuer emerged from the narrow caverns with life intact.

    "That is how Mitsuki Otoha defeated the last of the Suna opposition and came to be commander of our newy founded forces 35 years ago" said the young student in the uniformed grey garb traditional to his class.

    The teacher seemed pleased at the response. "You memorized the assignment well enough. Ryota you may now take your seat."

    "Yes sensei" he answered bluntly. The student named Ryota Sasaki was a serious boy. One who seldom smiled, rarely laughed and communicated only what was asked of him.

    Seeing another student doze off quickly made him a target of his instructor's wrath. "It seems Seiji Nagi finds Ryota's answer uninspired. Very well Seiji enlighten the rest of us with your eloquence. I would now ask you to recite the history which led to the creation of this new era."

    Seiji rose defiantly, meeting his teachers gaze with his own. Then, stammered out a reply "When youve got the strongest armies its very easy to shape history the way you see fit. The Land of Wind fell to its own mistakes long before the Zensho nation ever existed"

    The sensei lost his patience, averted his eyes and with a wave of his hand commanded him to silence. This left Seiji embarrassed and visibly angry but he had long ago learned not to grant him the validation of his displeasure. The teacher scanned the room for another young pupil to test until his eyes settled on Hotaru Shizu; a meek, but curious child who had always excelled far beyond the others in class. "Hotaru do the class a favor and show the rest of them what the truly gifted are capable of"

    Hotaru looked around nervously before answering, as if unsure of himself. "Following the end of the fourth Great Ninja War a time of peace was bestowed upon all five of the great shinobi countr-" He stopped at the sight of Seiji's unflinching leer. The instructor noticed this but chose to pay it no heed. He looked to Hotaru expectantly until the boy continued

    "Prosperity was abundant...the previous era of strife and inequality could not compare to the advancements now in the age of possibilities. Technology, Medicine, and Education all brought improved innovations to societies, but with that also came new realms of war. The times might have changed but human nature did not; soon enough competition in warfare was replaced by competition in financial and industrial achievements. This brought about the need for greater resources and inequality once again followed. The country formely acknowledged as The Land of Fire retained supremacy in these fronts in the same manner as it had with war in previous eras. As it rose in these fields it did so at the detriment of other countries, most notably The Land of Water and Wind began to see their influence decline. This incited old resentments, protest demonstrations and civil unrest began to grow more common. With tensions escalating each of the five countries sought the answer to their security anxieties in their own way. Many of which included military force, gradually augmented over the last century of peace. Eager to test these new weapons of war but not willing to suffer the political ramifications of initiating the first attack, a proxy war ensued where one side attacked another by hiring unaffiliated ninja to do the work for them. This was an economic relationship similar to the mission system of old. Flawed as it was, it was still preferable to fighting a war on multiple fronts. These ninja groups banded together under company banners, the strongest of which growing to rival competent villages. One day they would defend their client, the next cut them down for the highest bidder. In time they became their own entities who grew stronger in number and finance, having no borders to defend, only markets. While the lands they subdued were interchangeably controlled by their latest benefactor, the people knew it was really the ever increasing number of mercenary factions who ruled. Eventually this covert war could go on no longer. Many decades of this instability would come to pass until it fell upon the three biggest Factions to bring balance once again, they were-" This time Hotaru was interrupted by a vocal Seiji

    "That's crap...those Great mercenaries have done nothing but make things worse. Just take a look at who is ruling Kirigakure, cetainly not its people. Or worse yet, try to live as a weakling in the outer islands..."

    However their sensei reinstated his authority over the room by grazing Seiji's hair with a well aimed kunai, clearly meant as intimidation. Seiji initially grit his teeth, but held his tongue. "No more distractions now am I clear?" He spoke. As Seiji relented, the instructor turned to the end of the class spotting a face shocked by his action, immediately revealing him as a new addition. He eyed him suspiciously. "Ruisuki Noburo...the latest addition to Senshi Academy. Unlike the majority of students here, you've actually been able to perform Jutsu. Don't worry you'll get your chance for that again soon enough."

    Before Ruisuki could think of a way to respond, the familiar sound of the school bell rang. The class instructor dismissed the students one at a time, making a point to release Seiji last, a fact that did not escape him. So ended the first day of the last year in the academy for class 2A. Minutes later a new instructor entered the room, now empty but for his fellow. The unexpected visitor leaned against the wall "Kyutaro is it really wise to pit the students against each other like that so soon? Theyre still young sprouts after all. Theres a whole year left until they are sent out to the field." He asked.

    Kyutaro raised his right elbow atop his desk and rested his cheek upon the same hand. "My dear Chiba you're naive if you think I plan on making them mere Senshi fodder. Of the fourty students in my charge less than half will move on to the next stage. I'll let the academy sort the failures out. Im only interested in seeing how the graduates act using the tools I equip them with before then" he muttered.

    He then stood up and approached the window, his back now facing Chiba. "You'd be wise to do the same with yours."

    "I see now. The real reason you're doing that is to focus all their anger on a select few students isn't it? Forcing them to be disliked or portraying them as exceptionally gifted. All to give the rest a target to crush. You'd sacrifice your brightest to make the collective stronger...more malleable." Chiba scoffed. "As long as we keep sending out capable fighters there are few limits imposed upon the academy. That said I think I'll wait and see how your little experiment turns out before trying it myself." With that he slipped out of the room.

    Kyutaro smiled at his contemporaries incredible perception. The thirty-five year olds senses had not dulled since their time as mercenaries together. As he stood staring at the swarm of students gathering outside of his window he noticed Seiji confronting Hotaru, a crowd gathering behind him. An amused smirk now framed Kyutaros face.

    "This new crop is interesting indeed."


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